"Humanity learns best through elimination, and personal experience is its greatest teacher. We need to indulge in the pursuit of more before embracing the power of less. We have to desire status before realizing that it’s not the answer."

"Self-esteem is driven by your accomplishments and benchmarks of progress. It helps you realize that whatever life has in store, you’ll be able to deal with it yourself."

"The same challenges that grew your self-esteem may have no impact in this realm. This is because self-actualization is about fulfilling your potential, which has less to do with achievements and more to do with purpose."

"It is only through an honest audit of your interests and curiosities that will reveal what makes you feel truly alive, and what will dissolve all notions of identity you’ve developed over time."

"Creativity is the process of losing one’s sense of self through the avenue of expression. It’s when the boundary between you and everyone else temporarily dissolves, and you feel most connected to our shared humanity. Some refer to it as a flow state, others call it The Muse, but ultimately, it’s the touch point we have with the deepest parts of our being."

"You want to have the same level of patience for your father that you’d have for your friend. You want to have the same level of intellectual humility for any of your pursuits, regardless of how much you know. If you can commit to these baselines, you’ll immediately notice when a part of yourself is on another step, and you can reel it in before things get out of hand."

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