Psychological Paths of Least Resistance

"people desire stories more than statistics. They need a story they can tell themselves, not just a fact they can memorize."

In 1911, a genius revealed a forgotten science of how to be 50x more productive without working more hours

"What history shows us is that the benefits of technology are not realized without the right production process — the steps you follow to create good or service."

The Levers That Money Can’t Pull

"Everyone wants to be healthy, to be free (through wealth or ideology), to have a sense of purpose, and to be loved. No human being is exempt from this."

"But here’s the stark reality: Money can only pull up some of the levers on this dashboard. For the areas in which it can, the pursuit of it holds importance. But for the areas in which it can’t, it must be disregarded as a solution to that domain."

"But when it comes to the question of why we’re doing all this, the interesting thing is that neither the Health nor Freedom levers can answer it. What are we staying healthy for? What is the texture of freedom we’re chasing? Why does all this matter in the first place?"

"The reason why purpose exists outside the bounds of money is because no one’s purpose on this earth is to make money."

"what’s actually fulfilling their potential is the cultivation of skill sets and the overcoming of challenges that are required to make that million dollars. The purpose underlying the pursuit is driven by something internal, while the money is a nice fist bump from the outside for their efforts."

"This is why purpose must be discovered without the promise of incentives or monetary rewards. It can only come from conducting an honest audit of what makes you feel wonderment (i.e. childlike curiosity) or a sense of duty (i.e. parental responsibility), and then directing your attention to making the most of those endeavors."

"If there’s one lever that transcends all the others, it’s this one. You can be the healthiest person on the planet, but if you love no one, what’s all that vitality for? You can be free to do whatever you want, but if there’s no one to spend that time with, what’s the point? Is it even possible to feel a sense of purpose in your days if you believe that you’re loved by no one?"

To Make Something Great, Start By Making Something Crap

"came grading time and a curious fact emerged: the works of highest quality were all produced by the group being graded for quantity."

Why Don't Billionaires Quit Their Jobs And Start Spending Their Money Instead?

"Which, coincidentally, is the fastest way to get rich. Don’t focus on how much money you’re earning. Focus on what impact you’re having, and how much value you’re creating for other people."

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