This Is The Most Fun Way To Make Your Life Awesome

"Problem is, that doesn’t work. Thinking often just leads to more thinking. The only way to get real answers here is not to introspect but to experiment. To try stuff."

Focusing on Physical Performance

"I find that focusing on physical performance provides almost all the benefits of extreme tracking while minimizing the obsession and feeling of having this whole “health burden.”"

"These people devote a lot of time and effort to their passion, and it’s understandable because, on top of making you healthier and fitter, these pursuits are fulfilling and usually the source of a community around you."

on competing constructively

"This is the purpose of competition: to put you in an environment that pushes you to be better than you would be performing alone."

"Aiming for greatness is realizing that your success won’t come from taking the success of another away, but from organically generating greatness within yourself."

"You always want to be in the highest performing group you can be in."

"They key is to remember that you are competing with yourself to outperform the person you were yesterday. If you do that every day, no one will catch you."

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