What are some cool lessons in life?

"Most of the secrets you keep because they mortify you are universal. How ironic. We are all lonely."

Is self-improvement the greatest thing to exist?

"No matter how strong, beautiful or intelligent we are, we will never be able to control life to always give us what we want."

A Return To Fundamentals

"What I do know is that the businesses that focus on the fundamentals will succeed in any market, up or down."

The Only Way to Be Truly Confident in Yourself

"The only way to be truly confident is to simply become comfortable with what you lack."

"The big charade with confidence is that it has nothing to do with being comfortable in what we achieve and everything to do with being comfortable in what we don’t achieve."

"People who are confident in business are confident because they’re comfortable with failure. They realize that failure is simply part of learning how their market works. It’s a reflection of their lack of knowledge, not a reflection of who they are as a person."

"People who are confident in their social lives are confident because they’re comfortable with rejection. They’re not afraid of rejection because they’re comfortable with people not liking them as long as they’re expressing themselves honestly."

"People who are confident in their relationships are confident because they’re comfortable with getting hurt. They’re not afraid to be vulnerable and tell someone how they feel and then establish strong boundaries around those feelings, even if it means being uncomfortable (or leaving a bad relationship)."

"Comfort in our failures allows us to act without fear, to engage without judgment, to love without conditions."

Write Two Letters

"Sadly, it feels like we see fewer and fewer people taking these sorts of actions these days. Yet, these are precisely the types of people we need most. Those willing to share the credit and accept the blame. Those with the right amount of confidence."

Now You Get It

"Most mental upside comes from the thrill of anticipation – actual experiences tend to fall flat, and your mind quickly moves on to anticipating the next event. That’s how dopamine works."

"I don’t think I’ve met, or know of, anyone with outsized success who gained as much happiness as an outsider might expect. That doesn’t mean success can’t bring pride or contentment or independence. But it’s rarely what you thought it would be before achieving it."

Makes You Think

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