Introducing Praxis

"We live in an era of obesity, remakes, and pollution. We are losing the divine mandate, and in an era of absolute weapons, what’s at stake is everything."

"We build the citizenry before the city. First, we create communities of true believers, organized around shared values, online."

harsh Psychology truths

"Male depression is nearly always a result of learned helplessness, but health providers treat it like female depression and try to make men feel loved instead of powerful."

"If your child is an asshole, it's your fault. Even if it's the other parent's fault, it's your fault for picking them. Take some responsibility."

"Most people don't want to hear the truth. They want to feel good about giving up."

"People are more likely to take a pill for years that they don't understand and don't think will actually help than they are to attempt even one uncomfortable conversation that could save their life."

"Most men don't know how female communication works. They provide solutions, which is what THEY would want, when a woman wants VALIDATION."

"Depressed men need purpose, a mission, and the power to accomplish that mission."

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