Why I Left Feminism

"It took me about a year to even entertain the idea that an intense career might just not provide me meaning in a deep and lasting way."

"I didn’t have to “have it all” by someone else’s definition. I could have what was important to me and realize that I am only human, I only have so much time in a day, and at the end of it, we have to make choices on how to fill that time."

"My work as a scientist has taught me that alternative hypotheses need to be explored, and one that feminists often fail to consider is that women and men are simply different and on average may have different desires leading to different pursuits, even if there is overlap."

Don't Shine The Turd

"So this is what I try to do: Be up-front. Figure out the problem. Create a plan to reverse or minimize it. And always own up to it."

Create For Just One Hour Each Day

"If you’re able to string together an hour each day on a creative endeavor, the results over time will be astronomical."

"This is the magic of creativity: The commitment to starting is the force that propels you throughout the entire work."

“The cost of sexual liberation” for women

"one twentysomething friend tells me that “photogenic” male friends find female attention so abundant that some are “quite sick of the attention.”"

"Women strongly prefer hot, tall, exciting guys."

"Hot women prefer buff guys with social skills over the guys building civilization and society."

"In human sexuality, women are collectively the choosers, men the chosen."

Rural America is Gearing Up For a Generation of Change

"Meat alternatives have a theoretical cost structure advantage because they convert feed into edible weight more efficiently. A factory can also reduce labor hours and substitute electricity/natural gas for corn."

"A 100% renewable electricity economy would reduce demand for cropland by 15%-20%, even if we build every solar panel and wind turbine on cropland instead of rangeland, empty land, or roofs."

"Shrinking demand for traditional crops, aging farmers, and improving connections to cities mean land usage will change. Hobby farms, remote workers, and artisanal farms will slowly grow at the expense of traditional agriculture."

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