Wellness Wisdom vol.45: 30 pieces of unsolicited advice

"The point is to live a life where everyday is an expression of my authentic self."

"Surrounding yourself with people and ideas that project a higher ceiling of self-belief than your current threshold, raises it through osmosis. You see that these people are self-doubting and flawed just like you, yet believe in themselves. You can too."

"An old friend of mine, a journalist, once said that paradise on earth was to work all day alone in anticipation of an evening in interesting company." - Ian McEwan

"If I’m down or in a rut, I force myself to move my body, even if only a little bit."

Casualties of Your Own Success

"The most dominant creatures tend to be huge, but the most enduring tend to be smaller. T-Rex < cockroach < bacteria."

How I plan

"Whenever I try to shove my creative energy into a some kind of system, I find that it utterly fails."

"Sure, we still plan short-term things, but there's definitely not a long-term plan we hold on to. There are dreams and hopes, but we don't expect all of them to become a reality."

"I'll see where this whole online adventure takes me step by step, and I'm ok with that. I actually find it very liberating."

The Time Trap of Productivity

"But in a culture so focused on managing time, we have become subservient to it. By scheduling your day down to the last minute, you introduce an anxiety from managing your real-time progress to an imagined vision."

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