How to find your blind spots

"To improve rapidly, you need to consciously seek out shorter feedback cycles."

"“reaching the next level” in a skill usually means adding one or two new minigames to your arsenal while making only modest improvements in minigames that you’re already aware of."

The greedy strategy of self improvement

"With the greedy strategy, I don’t need to be smart enough to craft a master plan: I just need be aware enough to recognize what needs improvement now."

on slowness, taste, and living well

"By going slow, we did what we needed to do. Going fast only creates new problems that slow us down or force us to start over entirely."

"This is why the people who move the slowest actually move the fastest: they’re always present, so they always notice when something is off and they can correct it (gracefully, effectively) right away."

Read Old Books

"Failing to learn from others’ mistakes is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Despite having nearly unlimited access to examples of others making all kinds of mistakes, people repeatedly fail to learn from past generations."

How to Get Over the Fear of Creating Things

"But that can only happen if you start making things. If you sit around fretting about how scared you are, you’re not getting used to the fear. You’re just making it bigger in your head. You can’t get over the fear until you start doing the thing that you’re scared of doing."

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