1. Herausfinden was ich mΓΆchte

  2. Etwas lernen

  3. Sehr gut darin werden

  4. Sehr gut dafΓΌr bezahlt werden

  5. Herausfinden, was nur ich machen kann (Monopol bilden)


"Don't be afraid to invest upfront. Invest in ways you cannot make a loss. Invest your time like you would your money." - My "Investment Mindset"​

Anforderungen an den Job

  • Authenticity - to express who you truly are, and be seen and valued for it

  • Teaching - to provide guidance that helps others learn and grow

  • Imagination - to dream up and envision what's possible

  • Autonomy - to have agency in deciding how to approach to work and life; to own your destiny

  • Teamwork - to work toward a shared purpose/goal; to count on each other and achieve something together

  • Creativity - to put things together in ways that haven't been done before and see them come to life

  • Service - to have a positive impact on the well-being of others

  • Awe - to experience beauty, transcendence, amazement, and/or something unexplainably beyond ourselves

  • Challenge - to encounter high stakes difficulty and be given the chance to overcome it, not knowing fully if you will succeed or fail

  • Security - to feel safe physically and financially, so you can live other aspects of life more fully

  • Learning - to satisfy one's curiosity, acquire new knowledge and insight, and experience the joy of learning purely for the sake of learning

  • Play - to have fun and explore what's whimsical, quirky, hilarious, or off the beaten path; to experience the joy of amusing yourself and others

  • Beauty - to immerse yourself in what's aesthetically pleasing to the senses

  • Peace - to simply live and let that be enough; to experience calm, tranquility, and lack of striving

  • Craft - to carry something out with skill, devotion, and mastery; to make something high quality that you're proud of

  • Community - to feel fellowship and belonging in a mutually supportive group

  • Order - to bring structure, predictability, and order to what's chaotic, messy, and disorderly

  • Pioneering - to be at the frontier of what's new; to experience the thrill and risk of trailblazing

  • Competition - to have a rival; to experience the thrill of battling and pursuing victory