How to Not Give a Fuck What People Think

"I ACTUALLY care more about myself than others."

"I ACTUALLY desire success more than validation for my success."

"If you were ACTUALLY serious about getting a 6-pack, would you actually care if your skinny-fat friends thought of your diet?"

"Instead of focusing on others (or trying to not focus on others), focus on trying to DO WHAT YOU WANT - something you have control over."

What is the real meaning of success in life?

"True success in life is seeking and finding the thing you are built to do and then doing it. It may seem very unimportant to you, but in the bigger picture, your contribution is just as meaningful as anyone else’s."

Against 3X Speed

"The smartest people I’ve met reject the “Water in a Cup” theory. They focus less on consuming as much information as possible and more on cultivating the deepest possible understanding of the ideas that resonate with them most."

"The meaningful parts of a culture, like books, only show up when you give them time. They hide parts of their personality and only reveal themselves once you stop, slow down, and commit to them for a little while."

"Though you can pick up the gist pretty fast, relationships need time to blossom. Just when you think you know them, they’ll reveal something that adds a new dimension to their being. In travel and learning alike, you can’t rush your way to a relationship."

"Spaced repetition yields exponential benefits for increased effort. So, at least at first, you gain more from a piece of information every time you return to it. Your ability to remember something improves every time you review it, and the more you do it, the less time it takes to do so."

"The science of memory reveals why writing is such an effective way to learn. Putting ideas into your own words forces you to internalize them. Rather than memorizing disparate pieces of information, writing helps you deduce their logic and bring them together into a coherent whole."

"There’s a whole level of knowledge, most of which is hard to define, that only reveals itself once you step outside the classroom and actually do the thing."

How to know what you really want

"Most of all: know where your desires came from. Your desires have a history. You can’t know what a ‘true’ or ‘authentic’ desire is unless you understand where it came from – and that involves diving deep into your past, understanding how you have evolved as a person, and seeing which desires have been with you for a long time and which ones have come and gone like the wind."

"What is something that seems to bring me longer-lasting joy, without the need for ‘more’?"

"So, before you pursue a specific kind of material possession, ask yourself what kind of person you think it’s helping you to become – and, if you don’t like the answer, maybe reconsider the purchase."

"It’s likely that if you can’t be happy right where you’re at, right now, then you probably won’t be happy anywhere. Your happiness will always be something ‘out there’, beyond the horizon, and mimetic desire will continue to exert an unhealthy control over you."

The Good Research Code Handbook

"One of our strongest weapons against overloading our working memory is convention. Conventions mean that you don’t have to remember details in your working memory - you can rely on your long-term memory instead."

"Future you will have forgotten 90% of that process. Code that sticks to convention, is tidy and well-documented will be far easier to use in the future than clever, obtuse code. Boring code is good code!"

What is important in life?

"Everyone thinks its about the goal in the end. That once you have money, a partner, fame, or once you have found your passion you will be happy and everything will be perfect. But the goal will never bring you true happiness. It is just an excuse to go on the journey… which is the real goal. The journey of growth and of finding out more about the world and who we are fills us with happiness… not what is at the end."

Master Boring Fundamentals 01: Boring is Fun

"We can train ourselves to love the pain of Type 2 fun. By attaching a boring action with the anticipation of positive feelings, we can turn the uncomfortable grind into fun."

"We don’t feel happy because we picked up our friend, we feel happy because we anticipated picking up our friend. We don’t feel annoyed because we’re doing the dishes, we feel annoyed because we anticipated the worst parts of doing the dishes."

Attainable Excellence

"You don’t need skills or background to make something excellent, you just have to find the right raw materials and care enough to put in the work to make it great."

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