Teaching Zach the basics of talking to women

"The only people who can be helped are the people who are willing to help themselves and who show that they're willing to help themselves."

"When life smacks you in the face, the response should be to figure out how to do better next time"

Business is play

"Enough isn't a specific amount, it's an understanding of where the edge is and stopping before you walk off it to enjoy the view instead."

Neil Strauss: 'My thinking was: If this woman’s going to be naked with me – I must be OK. It doesn’t last’

"I hope always to regret and be embarrassed by anything I’ve done five or 10 years earlier. I hope to regret and be embarrassed by this discussion five years from now. Because then I know I’m growing and changing."

The Antidote to Envy

"Ultimately, envy is the result of not knowing who you are. It arises when you outsource your definitions of success to whatever norms you’ve adopted – whether consciously or not."

"Given that I wasn’t the conscious agent that constructed my mind, it’s up to me to figure out what’s really going on underneath the hood of it all."

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