How to Love the Bear Market

"Use the bear market as an opportunity to test your convictions and to learn more about what you’ve invested in."

Permission to Slow Down

"When your goal is to be long-term productive, say by creating jobs for hundreds of people or publishing a few great books, you realize your day-to-day productivity isn’t what you should optimize around. Taking a strategic break from a problem lets your mind noodle on it in the background so you can attack it more intelligently afterward."

Conversation Skills Essentials

"If I wanted to set someone up for a good life and they could focus on only one thing, I would prioritize getting social skills, especially conversational skills. Our experience on earth is largely defined by our interactions with others, so improving those interactions pays off massively."

A Timeless New Year

"Rather, it may be better spent reflecting on why you hope for the things you hope for, or why you want to actualize those goals you desperately desire. Because then you’ll have a better understanding of the identity you currently embody, and will realize which parts are worth embracing, and which parts are worth leaving by the wayside."

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