Ask HN: How to break anxiety/fear-avoidance cycle?

"The best solution to getting past the anxiety/fear-avoidance cycle is to take small, manageable actions while accepting the feelings that go along with those actions."

The Most Important Piece of Career Advice You Probably Never Heard

"Starting with a dream lifestyle — as oppose to a dream job — opens up more creativity. When thinking only about jobs, you’ll find yourself considering the same artificially-narrow menu of options troubled over by most talented college grads (banking, consulting, law, non-profit…) A lifestyle, on the other hand, provides much more flexibility — letting you discover potential paths previously hidden from your planning process."

"The main advantage, however, is that, in the end, the whole point of worrying about your career is because you want to feel good about your life. By cutting to the bottom-line — what would make me feel best? — and then working backward from this answer, you are maximizing your odds that you’ll actually get somewhere worth going."

Training Volume Landmarks for Muscle Growth

"Eventually, the amount of volume to keep you progressing at the best rates actually hits and then exceeds the amount of volume you can recover from. This makes further gains impossible within that microcycle, and demands a deload to drop the accumulated fatigue and restart the progression in the next mesocycle."

"Yes, training hard is great, but if you train harder than your body can recover from, you can forget about gains, because those will be thrwarted by inadequate recovery."

"In the normal process of periodizing your training, every several months - perhaps 2-3 out of the year - should be spent in maintenance training and eating to let your body get resensitized to growth."

The Rise After the Fall

"Winning, in the truest sense of the word, results from rising after you fall."

"My sense is that we will learn over time that work-from-home was an adequate short-term stop-gap, but a long-term culture killer for companies that kept it in place for too long, in large part due to mentorship."

"The worst decade since the Great Depression, one defined by high prices, poor equity and bond returns, and an overall malaise led to the creation of four of the strongest businesses this country has ever seen and the dynamic industry that shaped the American economy over the past four decades."

Become Your New Habit

"Change your self-image. Obliterate your old ideas. Become the new version of yourself."

"If you believe you are someone who exercises every day, then being sedentary for days in a row is not really an option. You get up and move."

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