The Alluring City

"What if we were to try and build a scene, or a place (forget about what—a street plan or a housing project or a gas station or a public stair etc.—for a little while), that held as much allure as possible? It would probably use natural materials—because these age gracefully—and incorporate a large dollop of the natural—whether a roofline that attracts the eye to the naked sky and frames it, or an old woman's humble window-box of roses—, it would be a combination of the public and the private, the commercial and the official. It would speak to us, and it would say things like “linger a little if you please” (or: to here but no further, see but don't touch, rest a while but don't impose yourself, etc.), it would be both a room to arrive into and an intriguing way out, both shelter for repose and a launching point for further exploration or even adventure. An alluring place would be both satisfying to body and soul, and appetite inducing at the same time."

The case for more energy

"Instead, we should raise our clean energy production ambitions. We don’t want to replace 100% of our current dirty energy — we want to generate vastly more energy than we are currently using and make it zero carbon."

Staying Put

"Most of the time you see someone do something incredible, with what seems like little effort, and you ask “How did you do that?”, the honest answer is, “I’ve been doing this every day for 10+ years.” Noticing patterns and connecting the subtle dots is something that’s hard to teach in a classroom but becomes obvious when you’ve lived and breathed a field for decades."

"the big money comes from compounding uninterrupted over years and decades, when what you’ve done is not as important as how long you’ve been doing it for."


"Die Ursachen für mein falsches Essen waren Einsamkeit, Langeweile, Leere, eine fehlende sinnvolle Beschäftigung am Abend, ein Ausgleich, Entspannung."

"Viele Probleme verschwinden, wenn du mit dir zufrieden bist und aufhörst auf dir herumzutrampeln. Statt dich an Kalorien aufzuhängen, solltest du an deinem Wohlbefinden ansetzen."

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