It Sounds Crazy

"One is to keep your identity small, as Paul Graham says. Once a view becomes part of your identity it’s almost impossible to see its flaws, when it needs to adapt, or has expired. The more you say, “I’m a …” the less capable you are of noticing big changes in the world."

"Few things are as persuasive as predictions you desperately want to be true, and few things are as easy to brush aside as predictions that sound a little crazy. The best you can do in that situation is live in a way that doesn’t rely too much on a few seemingly obvious things coming true. If the world plays out in 10 different ways, I want to do OK in all of them."

Weak Men Create Hard Times, Hard Times Create Strong Men

"Where pleasure, personal happiness, limited desire, modest living, knowledge without action, tranquility, absense of bodily pain and hedonism take over, a weak man is born."

"Strength is a choice, greatness is a choice, do not be tempted by pleasure and the distractions of weak men and women."

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