Adam Wathan

"Motivation is a byproduct of action, not the catalyst for it."

"When I just can’t bring myself to start, that’s when it’s most important to just do it — it always completely fixes how I’m feeling."

The Arc of the Practical Creator

"But this is where the power of reframing comes in. A Practical Creator doesn’t view a boring job as a dead-end endeavor, but as an active patron of their creativity. In the same way that wealthy families support the financial needs of their favorite artists, the same could be said about you and your employer. You exchange your time for money, which is then used to purchase the clarity of attention you can invest into your creative work."

"As a result, a Practical Creator doesn’t use the day job salary to buy everything they want, but saves as much of it as possible. They understand that every dollar saved today represents the freedom to create tomorrow. Patience is about learning to live with less, as this allows you to build up a bank account balance that could be later exchanged for agency. The great news is that if you find fulfillment in your creative work, it’s much easier to be satisfied with a minimal lifestyle."

The Mind Scribble

"To write is to think, and thought is at its brightest when you surprise yourself as you write. This chain of pleasant surprise is what makes the process fun, and the Mind Scribble is a simple way to offer its opening link."

Kathedralen, langfristiges Denken und die Zukunft der Menschheit

"Die Planer künftiger Raumflüge zu Zielen jenseits des Sonnensystems, die ähnlich komplex seien und sich über ähnlich lange Zeiträume erstrecken würden, könnten von den Erbauern der Kathedralen lernen."

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