Geographic arbitrage and the beauty of having a Plan B

"Just the realisation that there is another option (should you need it) can lift a huge weight off your shoulders and help you see more clearly."

"Your body keeps score and will give you feedback. In my 30s, I noticed that my body was paying a price in terms of inflammation and that my immune system was being compromised by stress. I started to get more niggling infections and injuries than I should. This bio-feedback was hard for me to accept. You will know on some level if this applies to you."

Knowledge Is Not Understanding

"Well, true understanding can only be attained through personal experience. It’s when you viscerally feel the implications of your decisions and actions, and see how they ripple through other human beings. It’s when you realize that the profundity of what you read may not translate properly into the messy sphere of reality."

"Writing is an attempt to share your lived experience with others, which makes you face the blind spots in your own thinking in real-time. When you write, it becomes clear which pieces of knowledge have simply been borrowed from another person. Whether it’s in the form of a quote or an entire concept, you recognize the gap between your own knowledge and understanding."

Use Story to Change Your Life

"You can completely change how you feel, change the results you’re getting, and change your relationship to anything, by changing your story."

Once In A Lifetime

"There are about eight billion people on this planet. So if an event has a 1-in-a-million chance of occurring every day, it should happen to 8,000 people a day, or 2.9 million times a year, and maybe a quarter of a billion times during your lifetime."

"A 100-year event doesn’t mean it happens every 100 years. It means there’s about a 1% chance of it occurring on any given year. That seems low. But when there are hundreds of different independent 100-year events, what are the odds that one of them will occur in a given year?"

"When eight billion people interact, the odds of a fraudster, a genius, a terrorist, an idiot, a savant, an asshole, and a visionary moving the needle in a significant way on any given day is nearly guaranteed."

"The world breaks about once every ten years, on average. For your country, state, town, or business, once every one to three years is probably more common."

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