Internal vs. External Benchmarks

"Almost everything looks better from the outside. When you’re keenly aware of your own struggles but blind to others’, it’s easy to assume you’re missing some skill or secret that others have. Few things are as awful as chasing something you eventually realize you never actually wanted."

"I recently had dinner with a financial advisor who has a client that gets angry when hearing about portfolio returns or benchmarks. None of that matters to the client; All he cares about is whether he has enough money to keep traveling with his wife. That’s his sole benchmark."

Ahead Of The Curve

"In business, in investing, in life in general, people often make the mistake of asking themselves, “what’s hot right now?” when, in truth, the time to get into the current hot thing was eight years ago."

"I told him to play the clarinet, become the best at it, and then when/if the clarinet has its moment, you’ll be the bee’s knees. And even if it never has its day, it will still have been worthwhile because you’re passionate about it."

The 5 main methods to achieve maximal hypertrophy

"Most people are failing at the basics of training and diet but will then overwhelm themselves with these types of articles. Train close to failure(1-3 reps within), progressively overload, train a muscle 2-3x a week, do 6-12 reps, and do a decent amount of volume. There’s really no need to make it more complicated then that for beginners and intermediates. Sure you can do less reps, higher reps, periodisation etc. But those are good guidelines for a beginner."

"Volume is usually determined as reps x sets. But you only count the actual working/challenging sets not the warmups. General consensus is 10-20 sets per muscle group per week. If you look at the recommended routine it’s 6 sets per workout per upper body muscle group x 3 days = 18 sets per week. So that fits in nicely. If you’d only train a muscle once per week you’d probably do 4 exercises. At the end of the day it all works, higher frequency is slightly better though."

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