on self-trust

"The right decisions come from you. Even the “wrong” decisions are the right decisions in the big picture—because we learn from them either way, and learning is winning. So, before looking outwards to seek endless inputs from others—ask yourself: what do you think?"

"We can’t lie to ourselves, or at least we can’t for long. We know when we’re not trusting ourselves. We know that deep down we knew better than to ignore our intuition. And we know that when we do this enough, we can numb our feelings, quiet our intuition, and avoid reflecting on how misaligned our life is. If we want, we can slowly erode our sense of self in the process of optimizing our life to match someone else’s priorities and heuristics."

"The way to live a life that works best for us comes down to understanding ourselves, and being 100% clear on what we want—what a good life is, to us."

"Part of committing to trusting yourself is accepting that you will err, mess up, misstep, and cultivating compassion and forgiveness for yourself when you do."

"As keen as some of us are to do life “right”, sometimes the only way to do it right is to make your own decisions. Try. Fail. Pick up the pieces. Rebuild."

"Sometimes the only decision-making advice we need is to just decide. Make a choice. Make it yours. Lean into it. Learn from it. Move forward. Make another one. That’s all life is really—a giant sequence of decisions. And strengthening your ability to make them might just be the most worthwhile skill to practice."

Hunger Games But Really Slow

"The question of what to value is far more crucial question than the question of strategies and tactics for obtaining what one values."

Some Things I Think

"The most valuable personal finance asset is not needing to impress anyone."

"A lot of people seem to have a necessary level of stress, and when their life is going well they make up imaginary problems to fill the void."

"Many people check their portfolios every day but their blood pressure every few years, if even that."

"The most productive hour of your day often looks the laziest. Good ideas rarely come during meetings – they come while going for a walk, or sitting on the couch, or taking a shower."

"Nothing destroys relationships – in love and careers – like being needy."

"Average performance sustained for an above-average period of time leads to extraordinary performance. This is true not just in investing but careers, relationships, and parenting."

You Have No Idea How Much Better You Can Feel

"How many of us are walking through life at a fraction of our capacity because we’re being handicapped by lifestyle factors that we’re completely unaware of?"

"Do things you think are stupid but other people swear by. Maybe you’re the stupid one."

Wie kann ich mit 40 in Rente gehen?

"Finde heraus, was Du gerne tust, worin Du Erfüllung findest und was Du gut kannst. Wenn Du diese Schnittpunkte verbunden hast - also etwas, was Dich glücklich macht und was Du gut kannst - dann finde heraus wer genau das braucht und Dich dafür bezahlt, dass Du es für ihn oder sie tust."

Second in The Next by Justin Mares

"Instead, of finding your passion, find your problem. For me, I kept thinking about the existential health issue in the US. In my worldview, nearly everyone in the US is getting fat, depressed, and sick because our environment is killing us. That seems like a problem! And I’ve spent most of the last 7 years ruminating on ways to solve that Big Freaking Problem."

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