Mindset Shift to Deal with Overwhelm

"You could imagine yourself going into a giant playground with so many different toys and games to play with. This could be your task list and inbox."

Different Kinds of BS

"Everything worth pursuing in life has a cost, but most costs are paid with stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and self-doubt."

"Long-term returns can be extraordinary but to achieve them you must put up with an endless parade of volatility, mania, and panic. Two sides of the equation."

"The assumption that you’ll be happier with more money leads to disappointment because we overemphasize the reward (money) with no regard to the cost (working longer hours, student debt, the risk of entrepreneurship, etc.). It’s a package deal, and you can’t pick and choose the reward while ignoring the cost."

"If you’ve covered the few things that matter, you’re all set. A lot of what gets added in after that is unnecessary filler that either wastes your time, or is designed to confuse or impress you."

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